The menu doesn't work in your crap browser. Enable Javascript. Or, even better, get a decent browser, like Firefox or Opera.
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Michal Madej about the "KIllergames" discussion in Germany

"People like to blame what they don't understand. Instead of solving real problems, it's much easier to accuse someone or something you don't understand - it's how racism, nationalism and any other form of intolerance was born. Parents, teachers and politicians don't want to take any responsibility for children and teenagers, instead they blame computer games which they don't understand. It's the most trendy modern prejudice right now. Once in TV a young reporter asked me "It's known that games deprave young people - how do you feel as a game developer?", I answered "It's well known that media lie - how do you feel as a journalist?". It's how media mindlessly repeat some slogans and create image of "dangerous games" without any understanding and facts.

I'm not saying all games are suitable for people of any age. We, game developers do everything to help identifying games that contain some age-improper elements thanks to PEGI rating. Still many parents don't even try to do that - they pay 50 Euro for a box and are happy kids are not bugging them for several hours. Censoriship was invented for those lazy people, who think TV, games and other media will raise their children. No! It's their duty to bring up your own chilldren - spend some time with them, read books, watch TV and foremost play compter games with them!"

Michal Madej (Lead Designer of The Witcher)
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Back from Ascaron... :)

Well, been there for 8 weeks and it's been fun... Stay tuned and buy Sacred 2 when its out at the end of the year! memo to myself: update portflio....
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gallery update

I have added 3 new pictures to the gallery... have fun :)

Gallery v3
(scroll down to the bottom)
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ZT-Gallery 2.0 - getting some work done :)

The all-new ZT-Gallery begins to look very neat and I'm quite optimistic that I can release it to the public quite soon. The backend works well - searching is possible by the image colors, and the results actually make sense! You click a green image tag, and you actually get a lot green images as result. :)
Additionally, the maximum images per page is now limited to 120, and at the buttom of each page, it shows a couple of buttons to access the hidden images on another page.
However, the web designers' dear friend Intercrap Exploder makes the whole site go nuts, because of a missing or wrongly impemented CSS rule display:inline. Maybe there will be a crap version for crap browsers, without a dynamic amount of images per row. Heck, maybe I put all the images into a huge table for IE.
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v5 online

The website version 5 is online now... And the google query string parsing works indeed :D
Because many parts of the v5 website aren't coded yet, you will find some dead links in the menu above, or be redirected to the old page (when clicking on "gallery" for example).
Happy browsing ;)
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google support

I have added a couple lines of code that increase the support for search engines dramatically. Currently it only works for google, but in theory it's really easy to implement for other engines aswell.
When using google, the first thing I do on one of the results pages, is almost always searching the same words in the homepage text again, which I have just entered in the google search field. Baisically, typing the same words twice.
My new script can get exactly those search words from the google search query, pass them to the page and highlight them nicely :)
That way, you can easily sopt the words and likely won't have to use the text search function. However, I can't really post a link to that now, because this site isn't linked anywhere yet and thus not recognized by google. For testing I used another domain and just added some querystring identical to the googles ones. That's the whole trick :)
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So, this is my new web home then :]

Well, as you can see, the new site is making progress - not too fast, but I'm getting there :)
This time I have concentrated more on a clean layout, that allows adding content waaaaay more easily than the second version of my website. It's not such a javascript overkill, and actually all the features I have implemented right now, work also with javascript turned off. Really! :)
Of course, I can't live without some decent javascript fading effects - just look at the menu inside the blue banner! Nice fading there ;)
The site is a nice clean XHTML1.1 layout now, working on most browsers. Probably my best layout so far, even though I made the first test layout less than a week ago.
However, submitting a blog entry doesn't really work yet, as none of the "evil" characters are removed, resulting in big mess if you choose the right ones...
I like the "what you see is what you get" - style though, because it makes actual content design a lot easier.
Just type in the text, press send and it looks exactly like you put it before :D
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New background images that save about 10kb at the same quality. High quality png images are (like before) available if you open the page with ?xtreme=true as query string.
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Just a quick update to show the "last modified" date for each article in it's window header. ".exit" is now called ".stats", and I made some cleanup (removing old and boring articles).
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updated "about me"

I updated the "about me" text as it wasn't really me... It's a bit longer now though.
I will not be online from 26.12.06 to 05.01.07 as I'm going to go skiing in Austria.
Well, maybe I can find an access point somewhere to check by every now and then ;)
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v0.51 + new gallery pics!

Well, I added a couple of new and cool drawings I made in the last uni module, I hope you like them :)
Besides this, its now possible to also view the original size of the images by pressing the "Highres Version"-button under the image. Some other small fixes in the code that are noth worth mentioning.
[UPDATE] Now fixed a bug in the gallery/reload_content code, that would endless loop the browser when pressing back, if the previous page was gallery_v3. (thx to DoN)
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v0.50 - done for now

Most things are working, so I guess I can call the version "final" for now.
Mabye I will add some small features if I find some time, but I'm really glad that I can try some new things from now on :)
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Gallery v3 is ONLINE! :)

Finally, after hundreds of hours, the gallery is ready for the first public release.
I think it turned out very well, even though Internet Explorer users have only a light version, due to a huge bug in the png rendering code...
If there are any bugs or problems, PLEASE let me know.
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Updated "About Me" text

I have updated the main section of "about me", which should give a better overview over myself now.
The new gallery will be released later than expected, thanks to the bad PNG support of Internet Explorer 6...
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Gallery v3 preview screenshot!

This is the first info about my new gallery that I made public! See the screenshot here: G3 first public screen!
Please post your comments in the comments section (on the right), or in the guestbook.
Besides this, I also added a little photo to the about me text, which is hopefully not as crappy as the first one... :)
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404 tracker supports query string

The error script can now use a query string, like this:
You enter an url in your browser like:
In the old version, the script was looking for any blah.php. Now it can find blah.php and actually load blah.php?a=1&b=2.
This avoids losing variable data from the url when triggering a 404 error.
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email script fixed and new alert

I have fixed the email script which wasn't working thanks to a typo which I didn't notice...
Aditionally, I have rewritten the alert popup window code - it's much nicer now :)
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holidays now

Finally some days off, and I'm already working on the page again. Added "add bookmark" for FireFox users, and mouse wheel scroll for IE users (not tested on other browsers except Firefox, which doesn't support the onmousewheel event).
Besides this, I have worked a bit in Flash lately, doing projects for my university, and figured out that I could have done this complete website in less than a month using Flash instead of 60kb Javascript goodness. Maybe I will actually try to code this sometime, just to see if it's really that easy :)
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comments system

The comments system is now online, have fun posting :)
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guestbook updated & email script

Been working on the page for the whole last day, thus there are many small optimizations and bugfixes. Also the guestbook should finally work now :)
Added a script that allows you to send me one email once in 10 minutes. Go to "about me" -> "contact"
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working on the page again

I have finally found a few moments to work a bit more on the page code, and I hope to release the new gallery soon, even though there is still a lot work that needs to be done...
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guestbook offline

I had to put the guestbook offline, because some spam rubbish showed up there. I guess it's some bot searching for guestbook.cgi files in order to spam them and cause email spam on emails ending with my domain.
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Testing various stuff - version 0.44 now

Well, I'm currently experimenting with an all-new gallery, as the current one sucks baisically.
However, I have also added a basic design for the comments system, but none of these new features are activated in the public version, yet.
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Dynamic Browsing History

As you can see in the headline, I have implemented some sort of browsing history, which allows the user to browse through his process of opening and closing windows, using the common browser keys and shortcuts. The windows will load a tad slower, though, and the website will no longer work offline once it's loaded (like it was before). Maybe I will add an option to the config that allows the user to use the old system instead.
Just try the new feature, you will like it :)
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56k / no Javascript version is online

This morning I quickly implemented the 56k version, which doesn't use any kind of scripts either, and is XHTML 1.0 valid. It will load ways faster, as the usual size of the whole page is far less than 10KB, which is really nice for 56k users - everything will be loaded after 2-3 seconds.
However, the gallery and the guestbook don't work without javascript. You can post messages in the guestbook; viewing them is not possible.
see the 56k version
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Gallery preview + many new things and bugfixes

I have been experimenting a bit with the gallery in the last week, and it's starting to take shape. Additionally, I fixed some minor bugs, and added some anti-bug features, like a page load timeout, that stops window content reloading after 10 seconds.
The guestbook is still mandatory, please use the link to the old guestbook (you can find it easily in the guestbook window).
Maybe you have noticed the RSS icon in the browser address bar - it doesn't show any interesting stuff, though.
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v0.39 - no more struggling with XHTML validity

I have been working a lot on making the page XHTML valid, but XHTML turned out to be pure crap. No clean possibility to realize elementary things like aligning a div centered in another or in the body; not even setting the body height to 100% will work without special hacks and tricks.
I mean... yeah it is mathematically correct that the body tag with a relative height doesn't do anything if the html element has no height specified, but what's the sense in there??
I have now switched back to HTML 4.0 Transitional, and everything works nicely. No stupid CSS hacks, one stylesheet for all browsers - clean, nice, and valid of course. Note that the validator can't check all the dynamically generated code, but I have added a special document.write replacement function in the developer version that allows me to put ALL the code into one text file.
Besides this, I have also messed around a bit with the guestbook... my first steps in CGI. Yeah I know it's still very crappy... ;)
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v0.38 is there

I haven't been working too much on the code lately, but at least I have finished rewriting the window resize and scroll scripts, so that they are now using absolute values of the mouseposition, relatively to the screen. This makes many things easier, specially moving an object in another frame.
The next things on my todo list are the following: guestbook/comments system (writing to server filesystem, not sure whether I should use cgi or php for that), gallery (will likely require 2-dimensional scrolling...), change background picture and stylesheet using presets for every window/article, add "welcome screen" where you can only select quicklinks like:
  • default settings
  • directly load the gallery
  • basic config
  • advanced config
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yet another code update (v0.37b)

This update is a true milestone! I can now create all the content which was previously stored in text files, with php files. This means I have now dynamic content, which is dynamically procressed :] Everything is possible whee :D.
Well, additionally I implemented a link checker which validates any link where I enabled this. It's just a 4 line php scriptie. Invalid links will be red and with a line through the text, and additionally a quickinfo shows a warning.
All those updates made the page a bit slower, though. The php files have to be rendered first, which makes the loading time for me (DSL 1024 downstream) approx. 0.3 seconds slower. But it's still quite good (<4 seconds), because gzip carves off almost 80% of the actual file size!
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Happy New Year! & code update (v0.37)

Well, I'm back and skiing was fun due to loads of snow in Austria.
Besides fixing bugs and compatibility issues, I have been working on optimizing the code and sorting it better, additionally I added some new array generated context menu script. You can test it here if you want: (removed because it was only available in 2.0 v0.52b)
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Merry Christmas!

My best wishes for Christmas and the new year, dear visitors :)
Note that I will be on winter holidays from the 25th until 8th January.
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code update: scrollbar script updated.

The scrollbars showed strange positions when their size went under 3 pixels.
Now I have set a minimum scrollbarheight of 10 pixels, which makes it easier to grab and also allows an exact scrollbar positioning at just about any window height and content height.
Besides this, I made some minor fixes and tweaks, as usual.
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code update: statusbar replacement info

On the left hand side, directly under the blue iframe, you can see various info messages which explain the object the mouse is currently over.
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code update: header resize

A new update after quite a long time. The window headers now change their position correctly, which was kind of a struggle to implement. I hope it really works now on all browsers.
Well, I have thought a bit more about the general design approach of thie page lately, and I came to the conclusion that it's accessibility is = zero, because it's just plain text :P
Thus I will add a welcome screen, which will allow to select things like "quick start", "directly launch gallery", "advanced setup" etc.
Of course, the articles and stuff will be illustrated with pictures later, but due to a lack of time, this has to wait a bit. Anyways, the site is still beta and the final version ist like lightyears away...
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code update: fade script 2

The windows are now fading, too. I have only enabled this for opening and closing a window, if no other window is opened, otherwise it would be a bit annoying and "pulsating".
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code update: fade script

The fade script was updated, allowing me to stop/start/interrupt fading in both directions at any speed, and in a selsectable amount of calculations per second. The only thing missing in this script is a string in the arguments being executed when the function has finished fading, and maybe some additional verification system that checks if the fading will actually finish in time, avoiding slow performance when the CPU is too slow or the calculations per second too high. You can nicely see the new fading at the 4 icons in the bottom left of the blue iframe. :)
[update] implemented execwhendonelist.
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code update

I have added some small functions to the site, like allowing to resize the font from any window, and I have finished the iframe resize function (for now). The alerts and the Fullscreen window are now resized correctly, so does the icon div on the bottom left. The windows themselves dont change their size, though. Maybe I will make this if needed... we'll see.
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New article: Game design

I have written down my thoughts about game design. It's got quite a long text in the end (20kb), but it's definetely worth the read.
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Added the blog!

I decided that my website needs a blog, which will mostly contain some progress info about the development of my website, and general news.
Furthermore I am planning to rewrite the gallery as it's not really nice to open a new window, and have a gallery without serious sorting and coordination, and with odd looking 08/15 default scrollbars. I mean... why have I programmed my own dynamic and fully customizable scrollbar script?
Of course, the new gallery will be up to the mark with the rest of the page and supply the required amount of eyecandy! :)
That is, besides some minor updates and bugfixes, the plan for the next days, and I'm sure you will like the new gallery - implemented into my page and viewed at fullscreen - much more than the old one.
Well, if it's gonna look as good as it does in my brain right now. ;)

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